Get Collection


Get Collection

Get Product Collection

This will return list of products/collections that belong to the given collection. The products returned can be personalized based on the user-id information, in case an accessToken is passed in Authorization Header.

The collections can be used to model product hierarchy, promotions, campaigns. The dynamic collection is a rule that gets executed and returns resultant products; this can be used to model any rule based (e.g. all products in a category, where price is less than 'x' amount) promotions/campaigns.

The results can be filtered by giving a filter criteria. The number of items returned can be controlled by providing a 'limit'. By providing the page_hint, the next set of results can be retrieved. /collections/{collection_name}

  • Name
  • Authorization
    Authorization Bearer {Token}; token obtained using /token Oauth API setting grant_type as 'client_credentials'. A Token obtained as part of user authentication (Authcode or Implicit Grant) can also be used
  • Name
  • filter
    Filter criteria to apply using valid product/collection attributes; e.g. filter='price < 5000'
  • limit
    Number of records to return, by default 10
  • page_hint
    An encoded representation of query position pointing to the set of results. Used in conjunction with 'limit' for pagination

Request Body

collection_name Product collection to retrieve true

Basic Auth

OAuth 2.0

Custom Token


Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

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