Generates Access Token or Authrorization code depending on response_type.


GET /authorize is redirected to Consent Application where a two-factor authentication is initiated. Upon successful authentication access_token or authorization code is returned as query parameters passed to the redirect uri. /authorize

  • Name
  • client_id
    Client ID of the registered App.
  • client_secret
    Client Secret of the registered App.
  • redirect_uri
    Redirect URI defined with your registered App.
  • response_type
    The value must be one of 'code' for requesting an authorization code or 'token' for requesting an access token (implicit grant). The redirect url is passed with query params state and code.
  • state
    Unique id to maintain state between asynchronous requests.
  • scope
    Scope of the access token requested.
  • ui-locales
    Locale to be used.
  • acr_values
    Determines the level of security for authentication. A value of 2 will require only Customer Id and Password. A value of 3 will request for OTP.

Request Body

Basic Auth

OAuth 2.0

Custom Token


Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

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